About GMMS

GMMS Performing Parting Glass 2008

Great Meadows Morris and Sword is a group of high school-age students from the Greater Boston area who perform traditional English morris and rapper sword dances. Since 1999, Great Meadows Morris and Sword has danced at festivals and special events throughout Massachusetts and New England, including NEFFA and the annualLilac Sunday event in Boston’s Arnold Arboretum. Great Meadows also has performed on the international stage, including the Dance England Rapper Tournament and the 2004 World Sword Spectacular in Whitby, England.

Our Name

There is historical and geographical significance to the name “Great Meadows.” Native-Americans referred to the Sudbury River Valley as “Great Meadows,” as did early colonists, who found that the river supported some of the most bountiful hayfields in the Northeast. Today, “Great Meadows” lives on as the name of wildlife refuge very near to where our team meets and practices in Sudbury, Massachusetts.

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