Candyrapper at the Marlboro Ale 2011

  • Team: Candyrapper
  • Squires: Evelyn Wakefield & Sophie Werner
  • Team Members: Betsy Walsh, Evelyn Wakefield, Jennifer Lonergan, Katrina Skidmore, Keith Prince, Rhia Henderson, Sophie Werner, Tim Sobkowicz
  • Team Email:
  • Website:
  • Kit: Black Pants, Black Shirt, Maroon and Silver Tie
  • Team Founded: 2000

The original Candyrapper was formed by a team of all girls with a light blue kit in 2000. Over the past 10 years the team slowly morphed into a team of both guys and girls in black with striped ties. Candyrapper has amassed over 25 dancer alumni into it’s ranks, and will continue as one of the oldest surviving GMMS teams.

Places to Find Candyrapper:
The Ginger Ale
The Marlboro Ale
DART 2012 (as PocketCandy)

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