Pocket Flyers


Pocket Flyers showing Loops, 2011

  • Team: Pocket Flyers
  • Squire: Currently Annalise and Katrina
  • Team Members(as of 2011-12): Alex Pratt, Hannah Pratt, Rowan Yelton, Tim Boet-Whitaker, Annalise Pforr, Sally Simpson, Katrina Gerhard, Linda Bittenson, Amalia Salcedo-Marx, Kyle Wakefield, and sometimes Nigel Little. Occasionally previous members make appearances.
  • Team Email: pocketflyers@gmms.org
  • Website: www.gmms.org/pocketflyers
  • Kit: Black Pants, Black Shirt (with winged pocket on back)
  • Team Founded: 2004


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